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2023 – John Hovie needs for a VA claim evidence that C Troop was at Quang Tri during Feb 1971 to Feb 1972.

2021 – Katie Hesketh wants information about her dad. Stanley Hesketh worked at Pleiku in 1969 as Assistant to the Chaplain.

2020 – I’m looking for crossed sabers for my Stetson. Peter J. Dorpema,, I was with A Troop in 1972 at Phan Rhang.

2016 – Cliff Stern, The army aviation heritage foundation is rebuilding 66-15295 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cobra. My research found that this aircraft was part of your organization. Please tell me if anyone knows any stories involving the aircraft or crew members that flew this aircraft.

2015 – Stephen DaCosta, Searching for contact info for Jim Nowicki, WO1, B/7/17 captured Nov, 1969

2014 – Major Robert W. Frost (Chaparalle 6),  Commander of C Troop in 1968,  requests help in commenting on a draft historical novel “A Few Birds in Hell”, focusing on C Troop during 1967-1969.

John Perrin,, was stationed with A Troop 7/17 Dec 10, 1971 to early 1972. Where they were located at that time?

Brian O’Connor,, is restoring an SPH-3 helo helmet for a friend who was in B troop, 7/17. Wants pictures of helmet art to make this as realistic as possible.

John Perrin,, 850-454-6522, wants to speak to anyone with B troop 1972 Camp Holloway (Mar – Apr).

Timothy Kirkup,, found a Vietnam Jungle jacket, name “Pilote” rank of Captain, Armored Cavalry, Pilot wings and a Ruthless Riders Patch. Can you help me identify this pilot?

Ray Dean Parson,, wants to contact whoever served with him at a koren base at oun-son hilliporte or at qun-tri or dong-ha.

Marc Lawrence,, Someone from the 7/17 saved a bunch of my friends on March 12, 1969 in the Plei Trap valley of Vietnam during Operation Wayne Grey. The 1/8 Infantry of the 4th Infantry Division after action report identifies “Comic 47” and “Blue 6” of the 7/17 Cav as being in support of us (A/1/8). One of our guys has written a book describing the battle and on page 183 of “No Body Armor” by MSG Don R. White, he writes that someone identified as “Cobra lead” deployed two rockets and miniguns right on target and basically saved everyone. Don wrote, “Cobra lead roared off in glory, never to be seen by me again.” Don is now 77 and I told him when we reunited last April that we’d try to find that pilot before our unit’s reunion this coming October. So, can anyone help me in this quest? FYI , I was the Arty FO (A/6/29th Arty) assigned to A1/8 Infantry during this period. I sure would like to locate this particular pilot and at least get him on the phone with Don. My phone is 832-212-9423 in Houston, TX.

Peter Sylvester Ramos Jr.,, 630-544-1793
My father’s 1/2 brother is Rainer S. Ramos. Rainer died in a helicopter crash on Jan.9th 1968 with 3 other couragous men. I want pictures of my fathers brother.

Dennis L Petteys, 419-779-4543, Army veteran is going to make a R/C AH-1G and wanted to configure it like 67-15651 (Cox/Petteys KIA Jan 15,1969). He needs to know the weapons systems this aircraft was configured with and the paint scheme for C Troop.

Jeff Lyons, the son of Walter Lyons who was in A Troop 7/17th, door gunner who I believe flew with Lt David “Tiny” Sims the day my father was shot down in 1968 or 1969. Want to contact Sims. (845) 416-1020.

2013 – Jim Nickels was in A Troop 68-69, an Areo Scout. Nick name was NICK. I flew lots of missions and flew with LT Gibson a lot. Want to contact with some of the old troop members.
Tim Rooney: I served in B 7/17 in 1971. I was the senior radio operator (code name 34). I met with Cassity before he died in 2009. I set up daily radio communications, usually at Tan Cahn, wrote the daily log, called in artillery and relayed orders from Embalmer 6 (Carr or Cassity) Does anyone remember me?
Bill Brady: I was in C Troop 7/17 Air Cav. at Ft Knox 1967. Vietnam 67-68. Would like to join but not sure if any of the old Troops belong.
Paul Latini, B troop 71 – 72. Would like to join group.
Thomas D Hollis SFC RET: I was part of the original unit that deployed to Vietnam from Ft Knox in Sep 1967. I was attached to HQ & HQ Troop. I would like to contact any of the original group.
Jim Yamnitz: Wants information about CPT Ron Scholey (spelling?), scout pilot (red 6) who was at An Khe 1970. Jim thinks he was from Michigan.
Steve Davis: Wants to contact the C&C crewmember who was shot in the leg over Flurry Hill in late 1969 or early 1970 and was evacuated to the US. Reply using contact form.