Our scholarships go to deserving students who are member of a family of a deceased member of the 7/17th Air Cavalry, or a family member of an active member of the Association.

The Army Aviation Association of America, Inc. manages our scholarship program, including specifying application rules and processing applications.  Interested students should apply to the AAAA, listing 7/17 Air Cavalry Association as the sponsor.

Click here to see the AAAA Scholarship announcement. Submissions due by May 1.

Please donate to the scholarship fund by sending a check to:
Donald Schoenemann
3517 Harvey Lake Road
Highland, MI 48356-1138

Submit it along with the form here.


7/17 Air Cavalry Scholarship Winners



Allison F. Mills

$1,000.00, University of Central Florida, 2005




Jason D. Messamer

Jason D. Messamer

$1,000.00, University of Tulsa, 2006

$1,000.00, Colorado State University, 2007

$1,000.00, Colorado State University, 2008*

$1,000.00, Colorado State University, 2009*

* Jeffrey Heritage Memorial Scholarship



7/17 Air Cavalry Jeffrey Heritage Scholarship Winners


 Amanda K. Speare

Amanda K. Speare

$1,500.00, University of Minnesota, 2009

$1,000.00, University of Minnesota, 2010



 Jorrdan P. Speare

Jordan P. Speare

$1,000.00, University of North Dakota, 2011

$1,000.00, University of North Dakota, 2012



 Taylor Reilly

Taylor Reilly

$1,000.00, University of Mississippi, 2013