7th Squadron 17th Air Cavalry Association
Business Meeting
August 10, 2014
Saint Anthony’s Hotel San  Antonio, Texas

Meeting called to order at 10:50 by Bob Wise

Following officers and troop representatives were noted as present or absent:
President– Bob Wise (Present)
Vice President– Tony Morton (Present)
Secretary– Kurtis Jackson (Present)
Treasurer– Donald Schoenemann (Present)
HHT—Ed LeGar (Present)  Check Lund (Absent)
A—James Thurmond (Present)
B—Sam Patriacca  (Present)
C—John Nelson (Present)   Doug Zieglemann  (Present)
D—Art Walsh (Present)   Rich Greggersen  (Present)
Palehorse—None Present

Bob Wise thanked all for being present and for making the reunion a success.
Reading of the Minutes. Kurt Jackson read the minutes from the June 30, 2013 business meeting. James Irvine moved to accept the minutes as read. Jose Martinez seconded it, and it was approved with one opposing vote.

Treasurer’s Report. Don Schoenemann gave the report. He listed the various amounts that had been received for the reunion and reported expenses that had been dispersed. The final total would be determined after the reunion. Art Walsh made the motion to accept the report, Scott Lyman seconded and it was approved with one opposing vote.

Scholarship Report. Barry Speare was not in attendance and had submitted his report by email. Tony Morton said the email indicated only one award had been presented this year. No Motion, No second.

Trooper’s Fund Report. Jose Martinez mentioned that two Joe Klein prints had been donated by Lee Parsons (now deceased)to be sold and the monies to be placed in the trooper fund.
Jose also mentioned that one trooper was receiving assistance this year to attend the reunion.  Motion to accept was made by Art Walsh and John Nelson seconded it. Motion approved.

Old Business. Bob Wise mentioned the loss of a good friend of the association, Mike DuFresne (Duf). He had been the largest contributor to our trooper fund over the years although he insisted that it be kept confidential. Bob further discussed the reason we have such a fund is to assist troopers that would not be able to attend to be here and have their needs met as well as to insure no one went hungry while attending.
He added, ”I’m not your mother or maid, so please clean up after yourselves in the hospitality room”.
Bob mentioned that the association owns an enclosed trailer which is located on his property when not in use. It is in need of painting and the details are being worked out with neighbors to get it done. Asked if there would be any cost involved, he answered..no.

Change of Command. Bob Wise then ‘turned the reins over’ to Tony Morton as the new president by presenting him with a bottle of Crown Royal with the label noting Tony as the president of the 7/17th Air Cav Association.

New Business. Tony thanked Bob for the presentation. He further stated “it is an honor” and thanked all for being present. Tony underscored the need to be present at all the reunions, pointing to the recent passing of Lee Parsons and Mike DuFresne.
Tony pointed out there is a pressing need to update our roster.
Tony vocalized his aim is to bring B troop members back into the fold. For the past several years B troop had been having their  own troop reunions. He stated “we’re too old for nonsense”.

Steve Davis was given the floor to speak as the association web-master. He asked that as many as possible provide him with their photos and slides from their tour for all to see on the website. He also stated he would like to set up a memorial page with photos and an area for comments.

It was asked that all new troop reps provide their name, current address, email address and phone number so that the board can keep in touch.

Palehorse will be hosting a ‘change of command ceremony’ at Fort Campbell on November 17 of this year. It was mentioned that Palehorse would be holding a ‘Spur Ride’ at some time this year. Information will be forthcoming.

Dou Ziegelmann asked if we have a roster available to assist the members locate others. Jose answered to look on the website.

There was discussion as to why B troop did not meet with the rest of the squadron. It was brought up that a few years ago the troop started meeting as a group in a less formal setting with no business meeting or banquet.  Henry Bourdo said he was not aware of any ‘rift’ between the troops but was disappointed to see so few from his former troop present at the reunion. Scott Lyman (former B Troop commanding officer) said ‘whatever the problem. “let it drop”.

2015 Reunion. Jose mentioned he had contacted the Nashville Convention/Visitor’s Bureau regarding a convention site and received only three submittals out of all the hotels. He pointed out that the days of room rates under $100.00 were a thing of the past. There is always a trade-off to acquire one benefit over another. Either the room rates are too high, no parking or shuttle service, or the hospitality room is extra. He is still negotiating with hotels to get the best deal for us. Some asked about multi-year deals with hotels. Jose said only the Opryland hotel would do so and they are still at $189.00 per night making that out of the question. Joe Wirth asked about having the reunion at a different time of year. Jose says he found out that after Orlando, Nashville is the #2 destination in the southeast.  It was mentioned that a better rate could be obtained near the airport over a weekend because the bulk of their lodging is during the week when business travelers use their facilities. Doug Ziegelmann agreed the days of $89-$90.00 rooms is history.
Our next reunion is slated for the last weekend in July at he Marriott in Nashville. If there is to be any adjustment all will be notified.

Helen Schoenemann was given the floor. Her first order of business was to present information regarding their daughter. Many of the members are aware that she has led a life fraught with numerous disorders with accompanying surgeries because of the affects of Agent Orange. She has now been given a letter from her endocrinologist stating “her disorder is a result of her father’s exposure to agent orange.” This is a leap towards helping establish the existence of medical disorders in our offspring because we as their fathers and grandfathers served in areas where AO had been used.
Helen then presented information she and her daughter had gathered for a proposal that next year’s reunion be held in Michigan, perhaps in Metro Detroit or Dearborn. In her research she has located a hotel with rates of $104.00 per night including free shuttle and parking near an airport. She also mentioned that we could attend a Tigers game as guests of their owner and be allowed to use a closed off deck for our use only, with a buffet available for only ‘cost’. This idea seemed agreeable to many present.
At this point Doug Ziegelmann asked if there was a possibility of a problem with the high percentage of the population being of the Muslim faith? It was felt that it would not be an issue.
There being no other proposals made, Art Walsh made a motion to accept her proposal which was seconded by James Irvine. Motion accepted with one opposed.

Election of officers. Richard Greggersen was nominated for the position of vice president. Asked if he would accept the position he answered yes. Jose then asked that he be voted in by acclamation. James Thurmond seconded the motion. Motion accepted. None opposed.

Troop Representatives were then appointed for each troop.
HHT—Bob Wise and Ed LeGar
A—James Thurmond and Victor Macias
B—Woodson McFarlin and Sam Patriacca
C—James Irvine andDoug Ziegelmann
D—Joe Wirth and Art Walsh
F—Dick Peterson

Dave Harris mentioned that as members of the 7/17 we are eligible to wear the Assault Helicopter badge as well as the Presidential Unit award. It would be necessary to write to St Louis to receive these awards. We should also provide our DD-214s so they could be updated to a DD-215.

James Irvine made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Jose Martinez.